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Awesome Places is a website that talks about everything related to the beautiful place, an interesting place, a fantastic location and everything about heaven on earth. This site was made on August 1, 2016, by a blogger who has little control outside web developers and web designers that TravelerBoy69. Initially making this web just a fad but after walking the first month, there was a friend who suggested that the website is made to be the official, and he was willing to be his author freely, she is Victoria Vincia, thanks to you!

When running two months, Victoria was again provided significant contributions to invite a friend also to be the author of this blog. He is a journalist who is adored traveling and also loves to beautiful places. She is Jessica Keyden who later became the author of this blog voluntarily.
This blog will continue to present the articles are unique and exciting, so that readers can enjoy reading and hopefully this blog to be a reference for who will visit destination places around the world, it would be pride for our team.
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