7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1

7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1 - IOS device 8 is known by many new features and exciting animated feast for the eyes. But behind interestingly, the battery becomes the victim. Some users complained about battery usage is increasingly wasteful than iOS 7 for example. This time I will share some tips to save battery life in 7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1 .

7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1

7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1

#Tips-1: Check List Application Using Many Batteries

First, lets analyze what the hell applications on the iPad or iPhone you the most widely suck the battery. It's easy, entering the application Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Well there you can see the use of batteries based applications as well as period. If there is a considerable percentage of odd, try to check further. Does it often hang in applications multitask, have excessive notification or something.

#Tips-2: More Thorough to Use Location Features

Some apps on iOS devices support the Location Feature or store location for a photo, check in, or anything else. Now turn off some of which you do not need or use the option "While using" to create the feature is active only when the application is used. Here are the steps:

Open the Settings app > Privacy > Location Services. Try searching for some applications that use location marker features but you can turn off for not crucial. I take the example of Camera360 app, tap the icon on the application and allow location access please select never. Then the second example is a Facebook application, use the settings While Using the App, to reduce the use of the location feature.

#Tips-3: Set the Width Notification & Widgets iOS 8

Indeed notification is made to facilitate you to get the information from the new things that exist in the application - not even a headache. Arrange concise and notification to keep it informative. If it is not needed, just turn off the notifications for applications like noisy.

Just go to Settings > Notifications and select the application you want to set. Let's take the example of the Dropbox app, select from the list earlier and go to settings. You can customize such as turning on the notification, displays in the Notification Center, notification sounds, and alerts Badge style. Because I very rarely need a quick notification from Dropbox, I finally turn off that feature.

Have a lot of email accounts registered in the Mail app iOS devices? Manage carefully notification, e.g for the email account inbox notification thousands of social media. Turn off email notifications on the course, the way I've discussed in the article Deadly Voice mail.

Switch to widget mode, a new feature introduced in iOS devices 8. At first it was interesting anyway have a lot of widgets, but long puzzled too. Let's just turn off by means of swipe from top to bottom on the screen iOS devices 8, select the Today section. Then press the Edit icon at the bottom and remove unnecessary widgets.

#Tips-4: Turn off Auto Downloads

I'm sure you all have a lot to do this setting. Auto Downloads are used to make the device you always download updates from apps, music or other content purchased on the iTunes Store or the App Store. His name is also automatic, so get an internet connection, this feature will carry out their duties and sometimes the timing may not be appropriate (e.g month-end, the quota of data packets you already minimal).

Please open the Settings app > iTunes & App Store and then scroll to the Automatic Download and turn off the setting that you do not need.

#Tips-5: Turn off the feature Handoff

iOS 8 devices and OS X Yosemite can work together with his presence Handoff feature. You can reply to a message, use instant hotspot feature even pick up the phone from the computer! Rarely use it? Turn off this feature in order to save battery iPhone or iPad. Easy to do that is through the application Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps.

#Tips-6: More Wisely Turning Data Packages & Wi-Fi

To be more efficient battery and can stay connected to the Internet, I used to rely on Wi-Fi is available in the office or neighborhood. When using Wi-Fi, do not forget to turn off your data package by opening the Settings app > Cellular > Cellular Data > Off.

Do not forget to turn off the Personal Hotspot settings if it is being not used. The settings are also in the Cellular Data anyway. For those of you who do not know, the Personal Hotspot feature is to process the data in mobile networks iPhone device that can be used by other devices using Wi-Fi.

#Tips-7: Still Only Wasteful? Finally, Restore!

It's been doing all these steps but still wasteful batteries? The last moments that you can take is to restore. This step can be tried for the last time you perform an update of iOS with the method OTA (Over The Air). Tutorials can restore you see in article 3 ways updates iOS 8, but make sure you understand the latest iOS version now exists.

The Final Words:

Any amount of battery capacity of a device, its philosophy is used and replenished when exhausted. So do not get too dizzy, seek immediate electrical outlet to charge your battery when it is needed.

7 Ways to Save Your Battery on iOS 8.1