13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer - Web series is a piece of pop culture vocabulary which refers to the series along with the specially designed video premiered on the Internet (usually via Youtube). Maximum duration of 7 minutes, tells the story of fiction or non-fiction, with you as the director. Here I will write some tips to develop your channel on Youtube becomes better and the more people who visit your channel, these tips are tips that are shared by a business analysis of Indonesian origin, namely Dennis Adishwara.

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer
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When asked why the site should make a series? He offered a reasonable answer. That often people critical of bad events. When we know what the standards are 'bad', then we also know what sort of standards are 'good'. Hence, rather than criticize, we can use the director soul in us to actually correct a director. Paid also by Youtube. How can?

So the story, Youtube has the latest program, ie Youtube Partner. Youtube will give a fee to any channel that has become their partner for every 1000 views. The number could reach fantastic if you can draw more than one viewer. For example, the family behind the phenomenal video "Charlie Bit Me" has received more than $150,000.

13 Youtube Tips Can Make Videos Many Viewer

#Tips1 - Youtube One Features

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer
Youtube One Features

YouTube now has a new design that is Youtube One. This feature can be utilized for a layout that you can attract more subscribers to the channel you on Youtube. Why? because more subscribers together with more returning viewer.

#Tips2 - Responsive Design for Youtube One

Smartphone is a very powerful tool for today. So take advantage of this moment to be able to attract many visitors to the channel you. Fortunately Youtube One has a very responsive design. For example, in a family we are when watching television just to liven, while the audience is busy themselves with their Smarphone. What are opened? Youtube.

#Tips3 - Create a Short Trailer

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer
Create a Short Trailer

On Youtube there is a feature that can make the video as a welcome to the Youtube Channel. So take advantage of this by making a video of short duration but discuss all what is in the channel you. Visitors will be interested to see our video playlist.

#Tips4 - Create A Brief Summary

Summary is a storyline that has been shortened and the overall content of a video explaining all of us, so when you upload a video to Youtube try to fill in the video description with a little summary about videotersebut. Why? because according to survey the first 15 seconds is the time when a video is definitely watchable.

#Tips5 - Use Right tempo

Use a fast tempo in any of your video. Namely scene change / surprise each (maximum) 15 seconds. Because life on the Internet that runs quickly. Distraction is very big here.

#Tips6 - Tutorial Video Better

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer
Tutorial Video Better

Better to make a tutorial. Statistically, lifespan trend could last longer than entertainment. And if it was certainly interesting to watch until the end of the video.

#Tips7 - Use Meta Tags are Appropriate

Use meta tags to match. The trick: 1. Honest, 2. Specific, 3. Dare. For example, sushi cooking show on the monument. Should really use the title as "Sushi, Women Sexy Cooking Under the Tree", condition: the girl is really sexy girl (Note: the relative section).

#Tips8 - The Experiment Should Be

The title could be changed. So it is fine if you want to experiment to gain attraction here. Similarly with other elements in your video such as description and keywords. As with the username / channel name. It permanent. So choose wisely really.

#Tips9 - Start from Zero

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer
Start from Zero

Start from zero. The first video you uploaded does not need perfect. Quality will follow as we get your flying hours.

#Tips10 - Popularity Video not Everything

Now the popularity of video parameters not view only. Youtube has a new formula for determining the popular videos. Namely: Watch time (longer watchable) + View (number of viewers). So useless if you use a bot to improve the view that small-time watch.

#Tips11 - 301+ View?

Hence, you may often see a counter view Youtube stopped at 301+ figures.

#Tips12 - Audience Retention

The next new parameter, namely the Audience Retention. He gauge what channel you watch the video without skipping to the second / minute particular. Video with good retention diagram, you can use as the data that can be presented to potential sponsors.

#Tips13 - Analytic Youtube

All these features can be found on Youtube Analytic. A feature that currently can only be obtained specifically for YouTube partners only.

That's all the tips that can make your video explode in your YouTube channel, try to upload the video that you create yourself in order to avoid copyright claimed.

13 Youtube Tips That Can Make Your Videos Many Viewer