How to Send Big Files Very Fast in Android

How to Send Big Files Very Fast in Android - Still remember the infrared fetured long time ago? send files, photos, pictures to expose fellow infared sensors to send that, then comes bluetooth send files easier and faster.

The bluetooth feature now fairly exist and all smartphones now supports bluetooth. In addition to infrared and bluetooth, also known as NFC. NFC connect other devices more practical and have better security. Unfortunately only certain smartphones that supports NFC.

How to Send Big Files Very Fast in Android

How to Send Big Files Very Fast in Android
SuperBeam - Now those of you who are used to send a lot of large files, if using Bluetooth is noticeably faster for smaller files, but what if sending the file size 1gb certainly take a very long time. Well now present Superbeam application that is able to send-receive files super fast, 10x faster than bluetooth, Amazing huh?

The working principle of this application is to use Wifi Direct. The important thing your android phone with OS gingerbread and support Wifi and Wifi Tethering. This method did not require an internet connection. SuperBeam is the only application we needed.

SuperBeam : How To Use

  1. Make sure the receiver and sender Android is mounted / installed Superbeam, if NOT download this app on this link : DOWNLOAD
  2. Open the application Superbeam
  3. Select the files that will be sent
  4. Click the arrow logo on the top right corner
  5. Wait for the process of turning on Wifi Directnya
  6. After that will come the QR Code
  7. Scan the QR Code using existing Superbeam in android that will receive the file
  8. Finish, Feel the speed is super fast file transfer
That is the way to send the big files in seconds, big files problem? Solved! How to Send Big Files Very Fast in Android.