How To Modify Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Theme on Android

How To Modify Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Theme on Android - Blackberry Messenger or people known as BBM is one of most popular messenger tool from Blackberry product. This messenger available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry actually, many people in the world used this product for daily use.

As we know, this product has their theme different with Android and iPhone, iPhone with Blackberry and so on. So, this time i will give you one interesting trick for you Android user, the BBM default theme can change with another colour, theme and other else. Okay, read carefully and try by yourself.

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How To Modify Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Theme on Android

For this amazing trick you must do some step, there is no difficult step. Just try it and your BBM has changed. Before that you must installed the BBM application for your Android smartphone, its can used by every Android version and i just tried on Sony Xperia Z with 4.4.4 (Kitkat) version. Next on, you must follow for every step mentioned below.

Akwayan: Step by Step
  1. Your phone must be Rooted. Not rooted yet? Dont worry, read this for the easily way to root your Android : How to Root Your Android Smarphone Easily.
  2. If your phone has rooted, then Download the Akwayan and install that application.
  3. After Xposed Installer installed, then open it and install/update the framework first then reboot your device.
  4. After reboot open Xposed Installer again and search the Akwayan and download it.
  5. After that you must restart your smartphone for complete the installation.
  6. Open the Akwayan (BBM Theme Engine), and just explore the feature of this application.
  7. Enjoy and share with your friends.

Akwayan: Featured
  1. Chat Activity: Change the colour and style chatting area.
  2. Tab Activity: Change the colur and style tab contact, group, feed and chat.
  3. Top Action Bar: Change top bar style.
  4. Picture Comment Activity: Change picture comment by other BBM user style.
  5. Slide Menu Activity: Change the left and the right slide menu activity
  6. Group Sound Notification: Change group sound notification with your own sound alert.

Your task just explore this feature and found your BBM theme what you want and find other Android trick here.

How To Modify Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Theme on Android