How To Fix Codec In Media Player Classic

How To Fix Codec In Media Player Classic - Video files and audio file formats ranging from avi, mkv, 3gp, flv etc. Therefore, we usually use complementary software codecs to be able to play these audio and video files.

How To Fix Codec In Media Player Classic

The most commonly used software to add codec is the K-Lite Codec Pack light besides we also get the Media Player Clasic easier to use.

Download K-Lite Codec Pack Free : 

However, if the codec is error then one type of file or the entire audio and video files will not be able to open other possibilities in whole or only audio only error reply. necessary to correct the error erasure codec. I usually use a software codec fixer to remove one of error codec.

CodecFixer Free Download : 

How To Fix Codec In Media Player Classic 

  1. Download and open codecfixer.exe 
  2. Click open video files then click the "clean all of the supported video codec" wait until finished
  3. Click "clean all the supported audio codecs" wait until finished
  4. Then please uninstall the software codec enhancer such as "K-Lite Codec"
  5. And then restart the computer and reinstall the software codec enhancer
  6. Try to open a media player that had already error can be displayed smoothly
  7. Enjoy and sharing is caring

That is the way how to open error audio and video files with codec in Media Player Classic.